Running Strategy Session: Reset & Refocus Your Training

Are you currently training for a race? Did you create your own training plan or are you using a cookie cutter plan? Are you unsure if your training plan is going to help you reach your goal? Do you want to review your training plan and get recommendations on changes that will push your training forward? If you answered yes this running strategy session is for you! 

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Stephanie, Personal Trainer, Coach

Hi! I'm Stephanie, a personal trainer who is passionate about helping runners reach their goals. Learning to run can be exhausting, you're not sure where to start and you're overwhelmed with all the information out there. I provide one on one support and individualized training plans with all your running and strength training workouts.

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Over two phone sessions we will dig into your current plan, what works, what we can improve and help determine if your training is helping push you towards your goal.

This session is perfect for someone who has designed their own training plan or is using a 'cookie cutter' plan.

This strategy session will not create a plan from scratch for you but offers recommendations to tweak your current plan to help push you foward. If you currently don't have a training plan this strategy session isn't for you. You can however contact me about building you a training plan for you.

First we'll set up a 60 minute coaching call to go over your current training and look at changes you can implement to help optimize your training.

We'll set up a 30 minute follow up coaching call 1-2 weeks after our first call to see how the changes are going and problem solve any issues to help you continue to push forward.

A Running Strategy Session Will Not:

What is a Running Strategy Session?